Group enjoying a scrumptious lunch after their wine tour and tasting at the Chateau des Charmes Winery.

Kathy our Embassy Tour Director and Jack from Beaver Bus Lines

We didn't realize the talent Kathy had in her poem writing skills. Sharing with you what she wrote for our passengers on this tour.

There once was a group of travellers to Niagara we did go.
We left in mid-September to avoid the coming snow
We boarded the bus as strangers, quiet, nice and polite
A few miles on, as comfort set in, the humour became a delight!
3 days there and back we spent learning about each place.
Jack’s knowledge of the area makes him a driving Ace
He pointed out the things he knew and kept us up to date.
It made the time go flying by when construction made us late!
We stopped at Terry Fox to see the statue in his honour.
We almost lost Claudette that day, she would have been a goner!
We saw the Falls, enjoyed the wine at Niagara on the lake.
A day was spent by all of us having a bus break.
We saw each other here and there and shared our restaurant tips.
Even though some of our meals consisted of just chips.
Heading home is always nice when the bus gets turned around.
Remembering all the fun we had as we are homeward bound.
Don’t be sad there was no prize, Nicole and Cam and Rose, it was in fun and I did it all to keep you on your toes.
Thank you all for taking part in my silly games.
I loved each moment with all of you, there is nothing I would change.