I recently attended a travel conference in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace. I have been to Las Vegas many times, but not in June.

I have always been curious what it would be like then. Well it was HOT! A couple of the days we were there it reached 45 degrees. When you stepped out of the nicely air conditioned hotel into the street, it felt like there were heaters blowing on you .

Outside of learning from the conference, my mission was to try Gordon Ramsay’s new restaurant Hell’s Kitchen. It was awesome! Not quite as good as Gordon Ramsay Steak, but close. I highly recommend you include this experience as part of your next Vegas holiday. The Beef Wellington was to die for!

Would I go back in June? The answer is yes. It was not as busy and the evenings cooled down to a pleasant 25 degrees.

What I really enjoyed about staying at Caesars Palace is you had everything available under one roof. Shopping at the Forum Shops, a food court, and a number of restaurants, including Celebrity Chef restaurants such as Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill, Gordon Ramsey Pub and Grill, and Giada’s Wine Bar and Deli, gaming if you want, and numerous swimming pools to keep you cool. The list goes on and on. So if you are not keen on the heat, you can stay and play all in one place!

Vegas is not all about gambling anymore, if you enjoy good food, your options are endless!